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#Webinar: #Cybersecurity in #China

#Webinar: #Cybersecurity in #China

Cyber Security in China: How to Comply with the Cyber Security Law & Investigate and Prevent Cybercrime

Thursday, March 28, 2019 | 16:00 pm CET / 11:00 am EST

China has tightened the requirements for cyber security. Not only Chinese, but also foreign companies that are active on the Chinese market are strictly controlled and have to comply with the tightened regulations. On the other side, more and more innovative Western companies have to worry about cyber-attacks from China that aim at their know-how and trade secrets.

Companies that work globally have to take action - they need to streamline their IT and operational processes in China, protect their know-how not only offline but also in the cyberspace, investigate and prevent cyber-attacks.

CHINABRAND CONSULTING will show in a one-hour free-of-charge webinar on 28.03.2019 16:00 pm CET / 11:00 am EST the current developments, efficient measures and action recommendations for cyber security in China. The contents are:

  • Requirements of the tightened Cyber Security Law
  • Cyber security check for companies
  • Efficient protection measures
  • Recognizing, combatting and preventing cyber-attacks from China

Registration link (registration is free): https ://

For questions please contact: info @ chinabrand. de


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