Making a Mark - Advantages of lasermarking on medical equipment and implants

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Rachel Berkowitz at Laser Systems Europe writes about new regulations on unique device identifiers for medical equipment und implants that are being phased in by the US Food an Drug Administration: Codes are best marked with a laser...

Extract of article:

For companies that manufacture medical devices, it has always been important to offer a means of tracking precisely which devices habe been distributed to a hospital or implanted in a patient. However it is no longer an option to simply print an attach a label to a medical device. 

The US Food an Drug Administration (FDA) is gradually phasing in new requirements for medical device manufacturers to place unique device identifiers (UDIs) on all of their components.In , the first major milestone meant that all Class III implantable, life-supporting and life-sustaining devices displayed UDIs on parts and packaging. Fast approaching is the September  deadline, ...

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